Out of my head, into your hands.

I’m a Dutch ceramist striving to create perfectly imperfect ceramic pieces by being less in my head and more in my hands.

You can find the outcome of my interaction with clay on this website and at my pottery studio in the city center of Gouda.

I create custom tableware for exclusive restaurants all by hand. 

You can buy my work at my pottery studio located at Zeugstraat 92 in Gouda

Unique Restaurant tableware

Your creations need a canvas. I create custom tableware for exclusive restaurants all by hand.  

In 2023 I worked with chef and restaurant owner Daniel Duijster Gomero to create tableware for his restaurant Novaela (Delft).

Will you give them a new home?

If you’re interested in adding a unique and artistic touch to your home or workspace, I offer a range of perfectly imperfect handmade ceramic pieces that will add style and character to any room. 

Feel free to browse my collection and contact me if you have any questions or are interested in placing an order.


When it lasts for ages
It takes time to make.

Ceramic objects have the potential to last for a very long time. In fact, the oldest known ceramic sculpture is the Dolni Vestonice Venus, a statuette of a woman that is over 26,000 years old!

Each of my ceramic pieces begins as a lump of clay on the pottery wheel. After the first stage of forming and some drying, most pieces go back onto the pottery wheel for a second time. This step involves trimming the clay into its perfectly imperfect shape.


Once a trimmed piece has dried, it’s time for it to go into the kiln. During the first firing, the piece is exposed to high temperatures for around 10 hours.

This initial firing is called the bisque firing.


After the bisque firing, most pieces will be glazed, some with a neutral glaze, and others with one or multiple colored glazes. This prepares them to be fired a second time in the kiln, where their true form and colors are revealed.


The glazed pieces are then fired for a second time in the kiln at very high temperatures, causing the glazes to melt onto the surface and create food-safe stoneware.

They are then ready to be adopted into a new home

What people say


Last week I fell secretly in love with this teapot. Today it arrived. I'm superhappy with this handmade ceramic piece


I'm in love!


I really really really love them